Show Design | Concepting

Sometimes a concept doesn’t come through. Nevertheless it could be really┬ábeautiful.

Create a digital backdrop scenery for our four thematic worlds. OCEAN . FOREST . DESERT . VOLCANO. The rest of the briefing was quite open, almost no boundaries.

During the creative design proces, we came to the conclusion that visualizing 4 worlds wouldn’t do the job. In order to push the boundaries, we decided to invent a toolkit, enabling us to create multiple sceneries within one theme world.
By using all disciplines available in the right way, we can create multiple sceneries within 1 theme, which will give endless possibilities.


Divided the Ocean world into two different settings. A world above the Ocean and a world in the Ocean.
Get the vibe of a lost city Atlantis. Coral in content and props on stage. Underwater fantasy Gate.


From a floating forest world into a zoomed in stage forest setting. Overgrown temple where nature has taken over. Floating trees. Surrealistic nature “avatar”. Surrealistic plant-life as props ons stage and in content.


Typical desert scenes. Gates idea to create with video screen which opens. Interesting sand sculpture to create iconic scenery.


Lava flowing from decor objects and translated into the content.

In collaboration with the creative team of ID&T International.