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Boompje Studio is an Amsterdam based multidisciplinary design studio, strong in producing 3D-motion graphics, show & stage design and high performance rendering. We have solid roots in the international music and events industry and work for brands as Sensation, The Next Web and the Volvo Ocean Race.

At Boompje the next step forward is always on our minds. We are driven by our passion to innovate and determined to create a synergy between technology and design. We are always aware of new technologies and developments and aim to apply these in our projects on a daily basis. As a melting pot of disciplines, skillsets and specialisms in every aspect of our industry we are able to support brands in many ways. Boompje Studio works with independent developers, graphic designers and programmers. The diverse background of our talent pool keeps Boompje Studio on its toes to always deliver innovative and advanced designs.

For our clients as Electric Zoo, The Next Web Conference, Sensation, Heineken, Noisia and Accenture we produce 3D-motion graphics, video-content, 3D-prints and stage & show designs. We can support your brand for events, festivals or 3D- assignments. Boompje Studio programs its own tools and uses Virtual Reality Visualization for stage and show design.


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Boompje Studio
Nieuwendammerkade 28c13
1022 AB,  Amsterdam

+31 (0)6 413 851 46