OnBrand 2019

OnBrand wanted the content to follow the visual style of OnBrand with animated abstract (organic) shapes interacting with each other, evolving and morphing into a cohesive whole near the end. The idea is to have opening titles sequence, with the names of the speakers and companies.

Looking at the OnBrand style visuals, we designed a new parametric system (within Touchdesigner) to generate the shapes. We have chosen for three different shape elements: triangle, square and circular which transforms in the end into an organic shape. With these parameters we designed and animate all the content. The goal was to have an opening tiles sequence vibe.

Four different areas during the event. The main stage had a wide resolution, all the other screens had a 16:9 aspect ratio.
We produced the music with our good friends of MacLoud.
– Opening sequence including Sound
– 5 thematic bumpers
– 10 stills
– 15 different template print files

In collaboration with The GoodGuyz.